Eminem Under Fire For Using Realistic Gunshot Sounds During Bonnaroo Performance

Using gunshot noises in rap songs isn't anything new by any measure the imagination, just listen to any Waka Flocka song and there will be more than enough shots to go around. However, it appears that this doesn't apply to everybody, as Eminem has caught some criticism for using gunshots during one his live performances.

According to Billboard, Eminem was performing his headlining set at the Bonnaroo music festival in Texas. When he was in the middle his song "Kill You," he suddenly dropped a very loud, very realistic sounding gunshot out nowhere. Many people in the crowd were very freaked out by this, and actually ducked to try and avoid what they thought was a real shooting.

While this sounds a little silly at first glance, it's actually a depressing example life in America at the moment. In a country where mass shootings happen seemingly every week, and almost 60 people were murdered in Las Vegas during a outdoor concert, it's not surprising that people might believe that they were in a dangerous situation. Footage the event can be seen below, where the person holding the phone almost drops it out fear from the shot.

Social media star Andrea Russett was in attendance, where she criticized Eminem for his use the sound, saying that it really affected her in a negative way.

Other fans defended Eminem, pointing out that he's been using gunshot sounds during "Kill You" performances for years, and nobody cared until now.

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