Eminem's Autographed "Kamikaze" Album Art Sells Out In Less Than An Hour

When Eminem announced that he was selling an autographed lithograph of his Kamikaze album cover, we knew it wouldn't be on the market for a long time. Considering all the press he's gotten from his last release, it was inevitable for this to sell out in a quick manner. Em appears to be back to his regular self after receiving some backlash over Revival. While many are growing impatient waiting to see if he will respond to Machine Gun Kelly, Shady seems to be doing nothing to get those critics to stop running their mouths. He released part 1 of his interview with Sway last night and announced the "Lucky You" video would be dropping today, but still no MGK response. His diehard fans aren't bothered though as they would do pretty much anything to get their hands on his autograph, which a few lucky people just did.

Em wrote on his Instagram that only a limited number of lithographs existed with his signature on them, selling them for $100 on his website. In true fashion, the print sold out in under an hour and while the exact number of copies created is undetermined, we're not surprised to see they are no longer available on the website. If you missed out, you might get lucky on the resale market?

A decent amount of album merchandise remains on the artist's website, including the original lithograph without his signature. 

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