Epic Games Disables New "Fortnite" Close Encounters Game Mode

Fortnite keeps gamers interested by fering new challenges, games modes, and skins on a fairly frequent basis. Challenges and game modes are changed weekly to coincide with the seasons' weekly schedule. Most recently, Fortnite developer Epic Games added jetpacks, and a new mode called Close Encounters. The limited time game mode equipped players with shotguns and jetbacks, an idea that sounds absolutely brilliant. The mode is almost reminiscent the Halo: Reach moments where gamers would fly up on a jetpack and deliver an epic shotgun blast as they zoomed by, killing their opponents instantly. Although it sounded fun, in just one day Epic Games has disabled Close Encounters. 

According to a  message written by Epic Games, Close Encounters was shut down because gamers were complaining about the game mode's effect on sky bases. "We heard your feedback about Close Encounters and will be evaluating the effect sky bases have on this LTM," wrote the developer. "To replace this we've brought back Solid Gold after seeing how much you enjoyed it."

Many gamers did not even get the opportunity to play the latest game mode, so the backlash pertaining to sky bases makes little sense. The jetpack is still available for use in other game modes. 

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