Eric Holder Was On Nipsey Hussle’s Label Before He Snitched: Report

Eazy-E affiliate B.G. Knocc Out sat down with VladTV for an interview which revealed some unsettling news. While questioned about the murder of Nipsey Hussle, the rapper spoke on the shock he underwent upon learning the news. Knocc Out then went onto commenting on how Nipsey's passing had impacted everyone profoundly, from fans to family members and close friends. He continues by speaking on Nipsey Hussle's impact and the positive moments which followed since his passing which includes the gang reconciliation efforts. The two met back in 2009, according to the interviewed guest, when Nip was beginning to gain momentum with his music. 

Though during the interview, a comment was made by the contributor of the 1993 classic "Real Muthaphukkin Gs," which can precisely be caught at the: 43- mark. Herein, the rapper claims to know the alleged killer, Eric Holder, and to have previously run into him a few times. Surprisingly, the artist shared with Vlad that Holder was tied to Nipsey musically and signed to his label in the past. 

“He used to be with Nipsey a lot, moving around — doing all the stuff he was doing,” states BG. Furthermore, he cites Holder as having caught a gun charge with someone and to have supposedly snitched to get out of it. "So, they pretty much kicked him out, you know what I mean? For snitching. They didn’t kill him or beat him down or nothing like that, but they just told him to stay away, like you can’t hang out. He probably took that some type of way ’cause he got the hood all over his body," added B.G. before deeming Nip's request as "respectable" and insist Holder should have simply honored his wishes. 

Eric Holder, 29, currently awaits trial for the fatal shooting of Nipsey Hussle in front of the Marathon Clothing store. The alleged killer has pleaded not guilty.

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