Eric Prydz Announces New 4-Track Pryda EP Is On The Way

Eric Prydz is the undisputable king EPs. The artist who works under 4 separate monikers at any given time is known for his amazing sets containing tons unreleased music. His Ultra 2018 set was easily the most impressive the entire festival, and course, contained several never-before-heard tunes. Now we might finally might be getting a few answers on exactly what was contained in that set.

New Pryda EP Set For May 2018

Pryda is the more progressive focused Prydz's many projects. Fans instantly recognize Pryda ID's as their uplifting and euphoric qualities stand out among the chaos Prydz's sets. Today Eric took to social media to announce that a four-track EP from Pryda will be released soon. While no date is confirmed we are sure this one will see release before the end the month…possibly even this Friday. Needless to say – when it drops, we will break it down for you. Check out the announcement below.

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