Eric Prydz Announces New Cirez D Is On The Horizon

I was driving the other day to my friend's house. He lives a bit out in the country and nothing in Texas is close so I popped on my favorite playlist. As I was listening through it auspiciously shuffled 3 Eric Prydz tracks in a row. That was the moment when I realized that he is without a doubt my favorite producer at the moment. I have bounced between Deadmau5, Lane 8, The Magician, but honestly, nobody can compare to Prydz.

So with this little introduction to an article, you can imagine my happiness seeing that the man himself has announced a new Cirez D EP. This announcement comes only a week after a truly jaw-dropping Pryda EP. Eric Prydz's release schedule has always been a bit unbelievable. The way he is able to pump out new music under all his 4 separate monikers is nothing short legendary.

Eric Prydz Announces A Return to Mouseville

While we don't have any real details on the EP just yet – we know it is coming and that is good enough for me. If I had to guess it will feature the out this world ID that he dropped on the closing night Ultra 2018 in the Megastructure. You can take a listen to it as it is the opening track in the video below.

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