Eric Prydz Leaves Us In Awe With Latest Pryda EP – 'Elements'

Eric Prydz sent the internet ablaze this week when he debuted his latest work under the Pryda moniker on Tiesto's club life podcast. The new music answered many questions that fans have been holding for quite a while now. Specifically that many the IDs that have found their home in Prydz's set over the last few months were in fact under the Pryda umbrella. In his new EP, ‘Elements', Prydz boasts four beautiful tracks that are both progressive and captivating. Let's take a look a little deeper.

Pryda – Elements

The lead-f and title track the EP is one that I recognized instantly. The song ‘Elements' will stick out in the memory anyone who was fortunate enough to witness Prydz's Ultra 2018 set. During the track, the Mega Structure transformed into a spiraling gateway lights complete will a jaw-dropping array lasers. The minimalist nature the tune makes it pack just that much more a punch live.

Another standout on the four-track effort is ‘The HoaX'. This song is nothing short a sonic journey. It takes listeners through many different landscapes over its awe-inspiring minute and a half minute playtime. Prydz is a master crafting tension over the course many minutes. While some artists favor short builds and over the top drops, Prydz allows listeners to be stuck in conflict for minutes at a time before an intense euphoric reveal.

Needless to say, this EP is dynamite. We expected nothing less from the master progressive house himself. Listen to ‘Elements' below.

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