Ericsson Globe in Stockholm changes name to Avicii Arena

Visible from most of Stockholm, the iconic Ericsson Globe venue is the largest hemispherical building on Earth, and has become massively iconic. Now, it has changed its name to the Avicii Arena.

This huge name change comes as a partnership between The Tim Bergling Foundation with support from local naming right sponsors Trygg-Hansa and Bauhaus and will ensure the iconic venue becomes synonymous with mental illness prevention. Announced by Stockholm Live today, CEO Andreas Sand said this:

“Being able to use one of Sweden’s most famous and visited buildings as a symbol and meeting place for one of the most important societal issues of our time in the way we now do together with our partners feels fantastic. When we hosted the Avicii Tribute Concert in December 2019 at Friends Arena we got the idea to create a place that could spread the same understanding and community that we had that evening, with a focus on making a difference.”

The 15,000-capacity venue intends to become “a hub for sharing ideas and hosting activities with the focus on young peoples’ mental health”, says Avicii’s father Klas Bergling. He also went on the state how much of a milestone it was when his son played at the venue nine years ago and that he would be extremely proud to see this name change today. 

“It is only by listening to the young people and working with them that we can really make a difference,” said Bergling. “We will start from that in everything we do. We call the collection of young people’s thoughts ‘For A Better Day’ because we focused our surveys on what they need for a better tomorrow, and their answers will form the basis of our work inside and outside Avicii Arena.”

To further celebrate this, The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra has recorded an orchestral version of Avicii hit ‘For A Better Day’, with 14-year-old Ella Tiritiello on vocals. The song can be streamed here, and a version recorded atop the Avicii Arena can be seen in the announcement video below.

Image credit: press

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