EU DJs will need a visa to perform in the U.K.

A recently published policy paper from the U.K. government’s Home Office has revealed that being a musician from the EU and performing music in the UK is going to get a whole lot more complicated.

Set to be enforced in January 2021, a visa will be required for all EU artists and DJs who wish to perform in the U.K. or participate in competitions, auditions, promotional activities, workshops, talks and cultural events (which is pretty much everything!).

With the unpredictable nature of BREXIT, music industry groups in the U.K. have come together and started a petition on, for two-year artist visas so that U.K. musicians can move freely across the EU. Over 65,000+ people signing it so far.

Deborah Annetts, who serves as the chief executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians has come and said ‘It is vital that any immigration system supports musicians who will need to tour in the EU post-Brexit.’

Will the U.K. arts and culture take a hit from this? Share your opinion in the comments.

Source: Politico

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