Excision, G Jones, and Habstrakt to Kickoff EDC Las Vegas at Camp Pre-Party

EDC Las Vegas is slowly approaching as there are only 94 days until the big event. Many you may know that this year's EDC Las Vegas is expected to have plenty surprises especially because the big changes that will be occurring for the new year. This year, EDC Las Vegas is introducing camping, which will accommodate attendees with camping pods, spectacular events, and amenities. Obviously, this upcoming EDC Las Vegas will be the best there is yet.

Today, on Twitter, an interesting conversation occurred between Insomniac founder, Pasquale Rotella and dubstep DJ, Excision. Pasquale Rotella spoke about a possible pre-party for EDC campers, and tags Excision for the possible opportunity to perform. Excision then responds to the EDC creator, accepting the fer, but jokingly requests for 20 subs in order to perform. Little did we know that this would become a concrete decision.

Later, Pasquale Rotella thanks Excision and then asks G Jones and Habstrakt if they would be down to perform, and obviously, the two DJ artists couldn't refuse the fer. A few hours later, the pre-party was made ficial by Pasquale Rotella himself and quickly created the flyer for the after party.

Questioning wether you should be camping this EDC Las Vegas? Looks like it just became even more compelling than it already was.

Check out the ficial flyer below, along with the Twitter thread.

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