Excision Went So Hard At EDC Las Vegas Someone In The Crowd Actually Pooped Themselves

I always love a good, unexpected story from music festivals. No place on earth has more insane stories that a mass gathering people coming together for music. Last year we covered the man who cooked a steak dinner in the crowd at Bassnectar's set at Electric Forest, as well as the man who buried a stash liquor on the grounds Electric Zoo before the festival, to only dig it up once he entered (okay that last one might have been proven fake). This year we have a one a kind story from the Basspod at EDC Las Vegas.

Excision's Bass Blows A Mans Bowels Out

In a thread on the Electric Daisy Carnival subreddit, a or spoke in (unfortunately) great detail about an unexpected experience. To sum up the events – someone literally ended up pooping themselves on the rail during Excision's set at the Basspod.

Now can we verify this story? No. But still when bass, substances, and the Las Vegas heat mix, it can have an unexpected result on the human body. We know everyone wants a spot on the rails, but make sure to take breaks to clear out your system before TOTALLY letting loose. Check out the post below, and at the very least – have a good laugh.

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