Exclusive Interview: Ferry Corsten Talks UNITY Project, Saad Ayub Collab, Corsten's Countdown & More

Ferry Corsten is one the founding fathers the current Trance scene. From his many aliases, to his over 500 episodes Corsten's Countdown, to his massive UNITY project, Corsten is a staple in the Trance community. The UNITY project, is a collaborative project meant to unite the Trance scene.

Exclusive Interview: Ferry Corsten Talks UNITY Project, Saad Ayub Collab, Corsten's Countdown & More

Over halfway into 2018, having so far featured collaborators DIM3NSION, Jordan Suckley and Paul Oakenfold, alongside Ferry Corsten, Corsten's UNITY project has inspired creativity amongst a community that has been able to harvest that goodwill and use it for a greater good by helping to fund educational programmes giving young adults an opportunity to find their own pathway within the world music. By partnering with the VH1’s Save The Music Foundation, Ferry Corsten, UNITY and the involved collaborators, have been able to add further support to the organization’s Music Tech Grant program.

We had the chance to speak with Ferry about the UNITY Project, his newest UNITY collab, Corsten's Countdown and more! Check out the exclusive interview below!


1. I know you've spoken with many outlets already about the UNITY project, but please give us a little update on how it's been received in the trance community.

The Unity project has been really well received by the trance community. The fans really love the idea unexpected collaborations and at the same time being part a charity initiative in the process.

2. ‘Synchronicity’, the collab you've released with Saad Ayub is an uplifting masterpiece. How did this track come about?

Saad sent me a sketch an idea and I immediately fell in love with it, and I felt that I could contribute from my end and as corny as it may sound “unite” our different sounds. As you may know Saad is also a Flashover Recordings artist, so this collab was easy to realize. I was quite lucky in this respect, as it isn’t always so easy to work with another artist on a track collaboratively.

3. With the major festival season wrapping up, what does the rest 2018 have in store for Ferry Corsten?

The summer season was a bit quiet for me which was great as I needed time to finish a lot productions. However, the tail end the summer has been crazy busy which is also good. I’m currently working on more Unity collabs that will be released throughout the next few months. Due to the 20th anniversary System F’s ‘Out Of The Blue’, I agreed to do a one f System F show during Dreamstate Socal in the U.S, which I’m very much looking forward to. I also have a number U.S. dates, Australia and Asia tours also on the cards, plus a few Europe and middle eastern shows sprinkled in between ;). Last but not least, my first film score ‘Let Go’ will be released in the U.S. at the end October, exciting times!

4. Finally, you're almost closing in on episode 600, yes 600 Corsten's Countdown. I've been listening to the show since about 2012, and it really is one the reasons behind my love for trance. How big an impact do you think that show has had on your career?

Wow thanks for the lasting support. It’s always great to hear that people follow me and continue to over the years. Corsten’s Countdown has been a hobby mine for a few years now and it’s a great tool to see what goes on in trance land and see what my fans enjoy listening to, as it is a chart show where my listeners can vote for their favourite tracks.



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