Exclusive Premiere: Party Thieves Hits Hard With "Revolution" Off "Anarchy EP"

Party Thieves is back with his first EP in almost two years! Continuing f the success his “Undrafted” EP back in May 2016, he is here to deliver a masterful follow-up with his “Anarchy” EP. This compilation includes 4 extremely diverse tracks incorporating collaborations with various artists. The debut track is “Revolution” and is a hard hitting festival ready trap anthem. It embodies all we know and love about the genre and is really a sound wave killer. Tapping Wells for the collaboration, it opens up with chickens making their noise. Get me fired up, wake me up, they got me ready for this shindig. It brings a metal feel with some screaming vocals and builds to trap perfection only to drop us f at the head banger express for a raaaad trap drop. It's super different and rings your ears from now to next saturday. Peep the exclusive premiere “Revolution” f his Anarchy EP below. Other features on the EP include, Sammy Adams, Basko and the highly anticipated track with Flosstradamus.

Party Thieves has also inspired a movement called the Theft Army; an army hungry for the incredible music he consistently puts out. Going beyond just the music though, Party Thieves uses his platform and following to make a bigger difference within communities. Often, a percentage his merchandise sales are allocated to aid various organizations and causes like the Anti-Gun Violence campaign. Being able to unite his passion for music with his philanthropic values, the Theft Army movement goes beyond celebrating a killer track or party. Party Thieves has created a movement to help change the world for the better, one song at a time.

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