Exclusive: The Chainsmokers to Headline First-Ever NFT-Gated Art and Music Festival, Afterparty

An innovative new music festival is primed for Sin City—and NFTs are the ticket in.

Afterparty, a renowned creator tools platform operating at the forefront of the Web3 epoch, have announced the first-ever NFT-gated music and art festival. Complete with unique digital art gallery activations, the inaugural Afterparty NFT Art and Music Festival will immerse attendees in NFTs in the company's goal to democratize them for the creator economy.

The festival's pièce de résistance, however, is its entry point. Afterparty’s generative "Utopian" NFT collection, which lives on the Ethereum blockchain, will moonlight as "all-access" passes and offer their owners tangible rewards both in real-time and in the metaverse. For example, they unlock access to exclusive Afterparty experiences, like a curated Super Bowl Weekend event and access to a special pop-up at Miami's Art Basel 2022. The festival's captivating live art galleries will feature the collection, which will come to life via eye-popping, human-scale 4K and 8K displays.

Each token holder will be able to bring one guest to the festival, and they will have two passes to invite friends or sell. Those interested in holding an Afterparty NFT can do so via the secondary market in one of two ways: buying a MintPass to mint a "Utopian" or purchasing a "Utopian" NFT here.

Scheduled for March 18th and 19th at Las Vegas' immersive AREA15 venue, the event will be headlined by The Chainsmokers and The Kid LAROI. Prospective attendees can also expect an additional 25 supporting artists as well as a dozen world-class NFT artists, and the full lineup will be announced in early February. The fest is produced in partnership with former Life is Beautiful partner Ryan Doherty and former Kaaboo executive Chris Racan.

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It's safe to say the music industry has reached an inflection point with the adoption of Web3 platforms and NFTs—a notion echoed by David Fields, CEO and Founder at Afterparty.

"Digital art is just the beginning of how profound NFTs will be for the creator economy," Fields told EDM.com. “Afterparty’s NFTs serve as verifiable digital assets that give owners a membership to experience exclusive events and the vibrant community that is Afterparty—the festival brings all of this to life. We believe NFT art deserves its own celebration, to be front and center as the main event. Whether you’re an emerging artist, Grammy-winning musician, new to crypto or a veteran collector, Afterparty welcomes you to one of the most creative, diverse and exciting experiences in the world."

"This festival centers around NFT artists and their art in a multimedia forum that will showcase the future and experiential value these NFTs hold," added Racan. "In my time as an event producer, I’ve never been part of an event that so completely empowers creators to showcase 21st-century creativity. It’s time we celebrate the excitement around digital art, music and the creator economy and I couldn’t be prouder to partner with Afterparty to bring all of this to life."

Learn more about the inaugural Afterparty NFT Art and Music Festival here


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