Explore Vincent Poag’s Elegant, Thoughtful Songs Off New Album Masquerade

Vincent Poag recently shared his new album Masquerade that is home to twelve unique songs. Channeling his creativity into one of a kind art, Vincent Poag surprises and impresses with his artistic delivery and boundless meaning that can be found in his work. Masquerade harbours the previously released “America” that speaks on the state of the country in a profound way. Some of the most fascinating songs from the collection are “Cradle Moon”, “In The Jungle” and “Son of a Hardware Man”.

Vincent Poag also dropped the perfect Christmas gift wrapped in a heartwarming melody “This Christmas” that is set to become a holiday staple. Influenced by the explosive cultural shift of the 60’s, led by such icons as Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Vincent Poag’s style always remains exceptional, authentic and relatable. 

Vincent Poag is on: Instagram - YouTube - Website - Spotify

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