Fabolous Honors Emily B With Mother's Day Love Letter

Last month, Friday On Elm Street rapper Fabolous was accused brutally assaulting his longtime girlfriend Emily B, allegedly knocking some her teeth out. While there's no video evidence the attack itself, footage can be seen Fab brandishing a knife, hurling threats at her father and brother. While Fab's brother Paul Cain attests that nobody truly knows what happened save for those present, the damage seemed to be done. Fab was arrested, and stood in the courtroom with Emily B by his side. In truth, it's a difficult situation to process, and Emily continues to show Loso love despite the reported brutality. 

Last night, Fab continued to muddy the waters, throwing up a belated Mother's Day homage in Emily's honor. Tagging her in the post, he writes "Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has given me the best gift I could ever receive, Family. I love you for life." He continues channeling himself circa "Trade It All," pouring on the sentimentality. "These selfies are courtesy Emily & I had to wait til she sent them to me so don’t troll me about being a day late," he writes, "yall know how women are wit their selfies." 

Clearly, Fab and Emily remain on speaking terms; it's truly difficult to discern the dynamic, nor what it spells for Fab's fate. On this Royce Da 5'9" track "Summer On Lock," which features Jada and Fab, the former seems to allude to Fab's ongoing predicament. "Supreme Court starin' at my man as they walk him out," raps Jada. "The time that he lookin' at is crucial, I can see the pain translated through his pupils." We'll keep you posted on the story as it unfolds. 

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