Fan-made video of Eric Prydz at Factory 93 LA circulates the internet: Watch

As if an Eric Prydz set couldn’t get any better, how about being able to watch it in stunning quality, continuously on demand. Fans of the Swedish legend have content creator, VictorVisits to thank for this as he recently posted a full two and ½ hour set of Eric Prydz from Factory 93 in Los Angeles on August 21st.

Not only is it impressive that the famed YouTuber captured the set in its entirety, but that he did it in stunning 4K quality, only using a GoPro. The video is professionally edited almost to the point where one could believe Prydz might have uploaded it himself. With attaching the GoPro to a rafter, the single-camera angle gives viewers a great chance to experience the entire stage, something that is a must when it comes to Prydz’s shows. It is common for the audio of a GoPro video to be washed out from the subwoofers at a concert, but VictorVisits bypasses that and gives viewers an enjoyable 140 minutes.

“I felt so compelled to get this edit out for [you all] because it was such a great set.” – VictorVisits, Youtube

VictorVisits created his channel in 2015. He states in his bio that he is “just a lover of life and music who attends festivals [and] shows and wants to share [his] vision with the world.” He currently has 32 full set videos uploaded including, shows from Kaskade, Illenium, and Porter Robinson. Check out Eric Prydz’s Factory 93 LA below!

Image Credit: Eric Prydz/Press

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