Fat Joe Announces New Single With Lil Wayne Dropping This Week

Fat Joe is preparing for "Operation Paralyze The Summer" which is set to kick off this Thursday. Although it's been a minute since we got some new music from Fat Joe, he's blessed fans with collaborations and new songs since the top of the year. However, it looks like he has an album in the pipeline with the first single set to drop tomorrow. The rapper announced his new single, "Pullin" which features Lil Wayne and his longtime collaborator, Dre. The rapper made the announcement on Instagram this week along with the cover art for the song.

Wayne and Fat Joe have worked together on numerous occasions including on "Make It Rain," "About All That," and more. However, a lot of their collaborations happened before Wayne's feud with Cash Money.

Fat Joe's previously praised Lil Wayne as one of the most influential artists in hip-hop. Back in 2017, when Uzi was getting a lot of Wayne comparisons, Fat Joe stepped in to make it quite clear that Wayne birthed a lot of the flows that you hear a lot of these rappers using these days.

"Lil Wayne was lyrically considered the best rapper on earth for a couple of years," he said. "Lil Uzi ain't going to get that. It’s with no disrespect because I like Lil Uzi Vert and I like a lot of his records. I cannot front. I actually bought his album."

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