Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr's "Let Me Think About It" Brings In Their Celebration Mix

Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It (Celebration Mix)

Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr are known for their upbeat and electric 2007 single “Let Me Think About It.” The track was a hit when it dropped more than ten years ago, and now listeners are digging the revamp the tune. Released by Darklight Recordings, the remix features strong electro house vibes coupled with a sped up bassline. This song brings some nostalgia with it, so you can reminisce to better times in dance music and continue to dance along to the beat!

The celebration mix and the original aren’t so different, as many the elements remain the same, but the added speed and elevated synths do well to increase the energy. Despite a significant difference in the worlds dance music in 2007 compared to now, Fedde Le Grand’s sound still feels fresh.

You can check out the celebration mix “Let Me Think About It” below.

Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It (Celebration Mix)

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