Fisher Releases Another Huge Hit 'Crowd Control'

Fisher Releases Another Huge Hit 'Crowd Control'Fisher – Crowd Control

Paul “Fish” Fisher has been on quite the roll lately. With solid established hits like ‘‘ and the entire  EP paired with his eccentric personality on and f stage, he is on a carved out path for success. Once again, he is back 3 for 3 with ‘Crowd Control‘. The hype for this track has been extremely high for the last few weeks as anxious fans have been itching to get this release out  Dirtybird Records.

As most his other singles, ‘Crowd Control’ has been a secret weapon played in house sets over the last month or so. The lyrics draw you in with elusive and catchy phrases, leading you into a funky bass line that flows throughout the heavy, drawn-out synths. Simply put, it is fun to listen to and contains the necessary pieces that make for an exceptionally unforgettable song.

Be sure to grab tickets to his upcoming spring tour , and listen to ‘Crowd Control’ below!

Fisher – Crowd Control 

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