Flume Releases New Single Featuring London Grammar [Out In Australia, Out In US At Midnight]

Flume is back and once again making waves across electronic music. The release of his mixtape turned EDM on its head. Just the like the release of Grammy-Award winning album, Skin, Flume's mixtape defied the expectations commonly placed on dance music producers. Experimenting with outside the box production elements, nearly non-existent melodies, and avant-garde arrangements have always been Flume's bread and butter, but “Hi This Is Flume” pushed things to new levels.

Now Flume is back with new music in single form, signaling that a new album could potentially be on the horizon. His most recent release “Let You Know” is a funky little collaboration alongside London Grammar. While this track has only been officially released in Australia, it will soon be published on American streaming platforms.

That being said, it is possible to take a listen using a little internet technology, not that we would EVER suggest doing something at using software to change your internet location. So creatively take a listen or be on the lookout this evening when “Let You Know” is available in country.

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