Footage Of Russ' Crew Jumping Smokepurpp Surfaces Online: Watch

On Tuesday, Russ stopped by The Breakfast Club and sat down with the hit morning show to talk about his new album Zoo, why he’s hated so much, social media antics, and more. However, during one point of the 45-minute chat, Russ revealed that he & his crew jumped either Smokepurpp or Yung Bans at a concert overseas, and that he had the footage of it too. Although he didn't say who it was, Russ’ threatened to leak the video if it came to it, but it seemed more so that it was a warning to other rappers talking shit online.

"We got video too. I'll leak the video of you getting your ass beat," says Russ. "Don't make me play the internet game, and have you humiliated," threatens Russ. "Don't do that. They know what time it is, bro."

Well just two days later, DJ Akademiks actually got his hands on the video Russ was talking about, and it turns out he jumped Florida rapper Smokepurpp, not Yung Bans. Apparently it all started when Smokepurpp put Russ’ sister as his IG profile pic for a little while and obviously had words for him too, calling him a “bitch” & “fuck Russ” continuously on twitter. Well it appears Russ’ crew put Smokepurpp in his place by the looks of the video, jumping him pretty good at Splash Festival back in July.

Shortly after the footage surfaced online, Tekashi 6ix9ine invited Russ to be part of his “Treway” gang, apparently liking what he saw in the clip of Smokepurpp getting beat up.

Check out the footage & old tweets that caused the fight (below) and let us know what you think.

Update: Smokepurpp has clarified what happened that night, saying he got jumped by 7 guys and Russ himself didn't touch him. See his response to the footage (below).

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