Former Donda's House Members Accuse Rhymefest Of Exploitation: Report

The beef between Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Rhymefest came out nowhere this weekend, and has already gone through several surprising twists and turns. After asking Drake for help and calling out Kanye for abandoning the youth Chicago, Rhymefest and Kim have gone back and forth online. First Kim accused Rhymefest chasing Kanye's clout, which Rhymefest promptly denied, and even removed Donda West's name from the name the organization. 

Now another angle may have shed some light on the situation: the members Donda's House themselves. Yesterday, a former member the group who goes by the name Supermoon posted a group photo Donda's House, and made some bold claims in the caption. 

"Might want to ask the actual Donda’s House participants why we all left the organization," she wrote. "We] have endless stories and receipts and some members even started recording Rhymefest's] rants about hating Kanye so much."

Later, another former member, Noel Malpica, posted a thread detailing how Rhymefest lorded over the other members, and would try to exploit them for himself. He cites a story about how he got the contact info for one J. Cole's producers, and how Rhymefest punished him for not giving up the info. While this could have just been internet gossip, Malpica provided evidence for his claims in the form an audio recording Rhymefest openly talking badly about the other members. 

In the recording, he mentions the J. Cole affair, accusing Malpica trying to hide the J. Cole plug because he know that J. Cole really wants to collab with Rhymefest instead. He also makes inappropriate comments about Malpica and Supermoon (who rapped under the name Geechi), who were dating at the time.

This article from the Chicago Sun Times mentions Malpica as being a member Donda's House, so his claims to being a member are legit. If it was Rhymefest in that recording, it could call his whole story into question. 

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