Former WWE star beaten to a bloody pulp over parking spot –

Once a star wrestler in the WWE and a prolific pro bodybuilder, it seems things did not end all well for Tom Magee. Tom who last wrestled in the WWE back in 1990 and who once beat the icon himself Bret Hart in a match found himself beaten to a bloody pulp over a parking spot near his Los Angeles home.

Tom who is now 59 years old and head neighborhood watch got into a heated arguement with a group 6 young adults who beat him almost to death. Tom in his prime stood 6 foot 4 and weighed over 260 pounds, but at 59 years old he is a shell his old self.

Magee was attacked after he confronted another driver outside his Mar Vista home. It is unclear who the aggressor was in the situation, but what is known is that the former Canadian powerlifting champ-turned fighter, was outnumbered by six men who repeatedly punched and kicked him in the head after getting him on the ground. He would suffer a broken jaw, broken eye sockets, and a concussion in the beating – which some neighbors have gone so far as to say appeared to be an attempt on his life.

Thankfully, Magee survived the brutal onslaught and has since been released from the hospital. While four the men involved remain on the loose, two them (Justin Lee, 20, and Degrate Bryant, 20) have been nabbed by the LAPD.

Former WWE star beaten to a bloody pulp over parking spot -

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