Former WWE Wrestler Tom Magee Brutally Beaten Over Parking Spot

Tom Magee, a former pressional wrestler in the WWF, was reportedly beaten by as many as six young men outside his home in Mar Vista, Los Angeles earlier this week. Magee, who will be 60 in July, suffered a broken jaw, broken eye socket and concussion according to CBS LA.

The report states that the brutal assault started over a parking dispute. 

“They were literally kicking him, punching him in the face and in the head,” said the neighbor, per CBS LA.

“To me, it was attempted murder. If we wouldn’t have come out here I don’t know if he would be alive. To look at his face if you saw his face right now and saw what they were doing to him, he’s really lucky to be alive,” the neighbor said.

According to CBS LA, police took two 20-year old men, Justin Lee and Degrate Bryant, into custody on Thursday. Both have been booked on charges assault with a deadly weapon.

Prior to signing with the WWF in 1986, Magee was a Canadian powerlifting champion. In his first match he defeated legendary wrestler Bret Hart, but his wrestling career never really lived up to the potential that some in the organization had hoped. He had transitioned to an acting career by 1991, according to Sports Illustrated.

The video below shows graphic photo evidence Magee’s injuries, as well as his dried blood on the sidewalk. 

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