"Fortnite: Battle Royale" Rumored To Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch

The world's obsession over Fortnite: Battle Royale seems nowhere close to coming to a close, as new updates and versions the game continue to be developed over at Epic Games. In that same vein, a strongly hinted at rumor shows the free-to-play survival game coming to one the hottest consoles on the market.

Accoding to HypebeastFortnite will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch console, and the new port will be announced sometime at this year's E3 conference. 

Now these aren't just baseless rumors, there's actually some credibility to the theory. For instance, a leaked outline Nintendo's announcements for this year's conference, which include the new version Fortnite alongside a new Punch-Out!! title, as well as other announcements. We'll have to wait until the conference is here in order to confirm the validity the list, but the announcements are looking pretty decent if it's true.

Secondly, a job posting from Iron Galaxy, the developer that was responsible for porting Skyrim to the Switch, mentioned in the opening that they were responsible for the "technically suberb" Skyrim and Fortnite ports. Considering the Switch version doesn't ficially exist yet, that would be a very strange thing to brag about having done if you're a serious game company.

Of course this move is surprising to no one, as the Switch has sold like crazy since it launched last year. And considering that Fortnite has already been ported to mobile, the Switch shouldn't be too much a stretch.

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