"Fortnite" Season Four Adds Hidden Underground Bases

Fortnite season four is upon us. After months speculation about the comet in the sky, the massive collision took place and made a crater in the map. That is the most obvious change to the map, but clever users have discovered secret bases that feed into the foreshadowed superhero theme. TopiKoodaa posted a video that shows a base under an unnamed location south Lonely Lodge. Once inside the house at the location, you can break through the floor and open up an underground base. Philendrium posted a video that shows a missile silo north Snobby Shores. Once inside, a similar base can be found. Both bases are filled with computers and look like lairs that belong to somebody. Logos in the bases are speculated to be connected to supposed superheroes and villains.

Fortnite Season four has introduced more hidden bases, and also a building that looks like it was crushed by a large animal. All the new cosmetic changes have yet to really affect gameplay though, and gamers are looking forward to some new modes and weapons that will really change the way the game is played. 

In other news, BlocBoy JB had his popular "shoot" dance made into an emote for the game called "Hype."

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