Fox News Contributor Says Nipsey Hussle Would Help Trump’s "Financial Literacy"

During a recent episode of Fox & Friends, Lawrence Jones, who is a contributor on the show, made some comments that many people found to be controversial. He likely didn't intend to imply that Nipsey Hussle would be supporting Donald Trump's political views if he were still alive but from his comments on television, some people are interpreting his remarks as just that. 

Fox News Contributor Says Nipsey Hussle Would Help Trump's "Financial Literacy"
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The editor-in-chief of Campus Reform sat down to chat about financial literacy and during his appearance on the show, he brought up the late, great Nipsey Hussle, saying that he would have been a perfect person to speak about the topic with the current President of the United States. "I think it's time for the President to have a conversation," said Jones about financial literacy in the Black community. "You know, if Nipsey Hussle was still alive, I would say 'President talk to Nipsey' because he is one that's talked about financial literacy."

Nipsey Hussle was very involved in his community and the day after he was gunned down, he was set to discuss ways to reduce gang violence in Los Angeles with the LAPD. Considering he was quite vocally against the politics of Donald Trump, even performing "FDT" with his close friend YG, there is a slim chance that he would even consider speaking with Trump. He would definitely have been a great choice to speak on financial literacy though.


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