Francis Mercier Unleashes (The Remixes) of "Shakin' It"

The sensual single from Francis Mercier titled “Shakin’ It” was an unforgettable release. The addictive house anthem grabs its listeners in a festive and club-worthy way. Francis has been playing his sound out live for a good while, meeting the demographic criteria where he spins. The sexy single featuring Kris Kiss encourages wild behavior and non-stop dancing.

The remix EP for the banger is stacked to the brim with four top-notch revamps. Cossy and POSSE have implemented a freshly unique trap and bass style. The UNOMAS and Dave Sol remix maxes out on future house vibes; and last but not least, my favorite the bunch has to be the Nik Ernst remix. Completely remodeling and retaining the energy in the original, this deep house version makes a statement with its quality and originality.

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