Frank Ocean Apparently Cast In Upcoming Film "Ships Passing In The Night"

Frank Ocean has the look and the presence for Hollywood. To be honest, we wonder why he wasn't cast in a Tinsletown film sooner. Regardless, we're not the least bit surprised to hear about his debut in the upcoming film, Ships Passing in the Night. Not much is known about the film other than what’s been written on IMDb:

Brad Bang is one the top male supermodels in the world. Grace Sol is a passionate but fragile actress. Despite their growing, troubled relationship, after a series rehearsals and one fateful night, Grace falls for Brad, only to realize that despite needing each other, their love is forbidden.

Based on the film’s synopsis, it does sound like it’ll be a highly stylized take on the usual Romeo & Juliette tropes. It's all good, though, we all love a bit tragic romance once in a while. 

The film will be directed by Michael Kang, who’s known for his indie work, notably The Motel and a series short films and music videos. And the film’s starring actress will be Song Hye-kyo, a stunning Korean lead who’s famous for her roles in films like Autumn in My Heart, andThat Winter, the Wind Blows.

As for Ocean, his mysterious persona and vulnerable traits as a performer would make him an ideal fit for a cinematic drama like this. He’s set to play the character Kevin, but there aren’t any details outlining how involved his character will be in the film. But we'll be keeping a close eye on this one. More details to come. 


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