Frank Ocean Sued By Producer Over "Blonde" Royalties In Ongoing Legal Battle: Report

Frank Ocean's been dealing with an ongoing legal battle over Blonde for a minute. Earlier in the year, it was reported that Frank Ocean was suing producer, Om'Mas Keith, over the song credits on his critically acclaimed album. Ocean's lawsuit was based on the face that Keith was trying to make a case that he co-wrote a whole bunch music on the album and registered it with ASCAP. However, a new report says that Keith is now countersuing Ocean in ongoing legal battle. 

Frank Ocean's been adamant that Keith didn't write any  lyrics, melody or music on any his Blonde songs. However, Keith has denied all allegations and filed a countersuit against Frank Ocean, according to TheBlast. They say that he's still claiming that he produced a good chunk Ocean's album. 

Keith says he made a deal with Frank Ocean for a flat fee or his work on Channel Orange. However, he also says they didn't end up working a deal for Blonde but he made it clear that he wouldn't be willing to work on the terms their previous agreement. He also says Ocean never got permission to drop any the music they worked on. He claims Frank Ocean's actions has caused and will continue to cause major and irreparable harm. In addition, he says he hasn't seen any royalties for his alleged efforts on the album.

He's now asking for Frank Ocean's lawsuit to be tossed out. He also wants unspecified damages for Ocean not compensating him for his alleged work on the album. He also wants a court order that assures he'll get proper credit as a co-author on the tracks and accounting for all the prits Ocean received f the album.

We'll keep you updated on the case. 

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