Fred Again & Four Tet play impromptu performance from NYC food truck

Fred Again and Four Tet recently treated fans in New York City to a surprise, impromptu performance from a food truck.  The two have a strong friendship as witnessed from a recent social media post, showing the two relaxing together while finishing up production for Fred Again’s recent single, Delilah (smile on my face).

While both producers are adored for their unique stye of production and songwriting, their clout as collaborators has only grown stronger ever since Fred Again’s now infamous Boiler Room set earlier this year where he debuted several tracks that featured the work of Four Tet.  While they may best known for their studio work, they clearly enjoy the opportunity to surprise fans and create unique experiences for themselves.  Their latest antics in New York City occurred after a Fred Again headline set at Terminal 5 in New York City where fortunately his pal Four Tet also happened to be in the area.

Outside of the venue was a waffle van outfitted with a large sound system, ideal for attracting attention in the Big Apple or inspiring two DJ’s to take over for some b2b action.  Much to the surprise and joy of fans outside and looking to grab a late night snack, Fred Again and Four Tet stepped up and began playing several songs, including closing out with Miley Cyrus’ Party In The USA, a single which Fred Again makes sure that fans know was selected by Four Tet.

Sharing the footage Instagram, Fred Again writes, “Lolllll I said to @fourtetkieran alright last song what do we play, And he looked me dead in the eyes and pressed play on ….”  Fans can flip through the several short clips shared and the second one clearly shows both artists laughing out loud as the Miley Cyrus hit blasts in the background.  As fans everywhere prepare for the release of Actual Life 3 from Fred Again, its exciting to see him enjoying his time promoting the album.

Image Credit: Fred Again.. / Provided by Outside Organisation


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