Freddie Gibbs Drops FIRE In Episode 4 Of Kenny Beats’ Freestyle Web Series

Kenny Beats' personal studio is fast becoming the go-to creative hub in the LA-area. The sign in the recording booth says it all: "Don't Over Think Shit" is plastered in neon colors to remind the creative types who enter the building to stay within their basic instincts. With that said, it really wasn't surprising to see Kenny Beats take flight in 2018 by accommodating one buzzing artists after the other. He also geared himself towards each and every one of their production needs. Now that's hospitality.

Freddie Gibbs Drops FIRE In Episode 4 Of Kenny Beats' Freestyle Web Series

Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

Kenny gets by on a year-round supply of Yerba Mate and baggies of "White man drugs" as Freddie Gibbs intentionally mislabeled the paraphernalia he was handed upon entering the creative suit just recently. Jokes aside, those kinds of amenities don't amount to anything if they aren't contained within a homey environment like Kenny's "The Cave" aka his studio.

On this week's episode of Kenny Beats' "The Cave" web series, Freddie Gibbs shows up ready to compete. While Freddie fixes them a blunt, Kenny is hard at work preparing the unrehearsed beat that'll be used in the freestyle session. The following preamble was written in support of the video upload.

"This week on The Cave, we are joined by a man of true character and grit, from the smokestacks of Gary, Indiana: Freddie Gibbs. He regales us with lurid tales of coke-snorting dinner companions and misplaced pussy hairs while Kenny Beats prepares an appropriate instrumental for the occasion." - YouTube Kenny.

The results speak for themselves. FF to the 3:30 if you've rather not watch the process unfold. But in my opinion, watching them build themselves up to the point of creation is more than half the fun - oh, and Gibbs spits some fire like you'd expect from the Tupac-incarnate under these circumstances. His Bandana project with Madlib comes out in May, keep it peeled.

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