Freddie Gibbs On Pusha T’s "Bandana" Verse: "One Of The Best Verses Of The Year"

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib are finally releasing their follow-up to Pinata later this month. Their 2014 collaborative album, Pinata, remains one of the best rap releases of this decade. Already, the duo released "Flat Tummy Tea," the titular track, and most recently, "Crime Pays" which dropped along with the pre-order to the album. Although the tracklist was never revealed, it did confirm that there will be a track featuring Killer Mike and Pusha T, who Gibbs claimed has "one of the best verses of the year."

In a recent interview Billboard, Freddie Gibbs detailed his highly anticipated collaboration with Pusha T on Bandana. Fans have been hounding the two artists to work together for ages, namely because they're two of the best when it comes to coke raps.

"Shit, [he] was rapping about crack," Gibbs said. "So I wanted to rap about crack with a n---a that rap about crack just as well as I do."

Gibbs continued to explain that Pusha not only one of the best verses to come out this year but also one of the Clipse member's best verses to date.

"That's a classic right there, and that's gonna go down in history. He killed that shit. That's one of his best verses. He had to rap 24 bars, because I rapped 24 bars. So he couldn't rap shorter than me," he continued.

Gibbs also opened up about the first time he ever met Mac Miller who was rumored to have an unreleased project with Freddie's Bandana partner, Madlib.

"I did a show in Pittsburgh and he opened up. Something had happened, but I just remember him and his little white homies were snapping on a promoter or some shit. I was looking at them like, “These little n---as is wild.” But they were going ham," he said. " I just always remember him as like a teenage kid, man, an innocent teenage kid."

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