French Montana Has Emotional Reunion With His Pet Monkey

In a strange turn events, French Montana channels Ross from Friends during a touching moment monkey companionship. While many skeptics may be wondering why the majestic beast is not in a sanctuary, it is admittedly endearing to see the monkey seem to stroke French's face in a loving gesture affection. Granted, it is said that a monkey tends to go straight for the face during an attack; perhaps it was merely seeking the most vulnerable point entry. Either way, French didn't seem to mind, repeatedly belting a love-struck cry "Ju Ju!" 

It's difficult to truly understand what drives one to pursue monkey ownership. True, the creatures are adorable, but something so exotic should hardly be relegated to "pet status." Moralizing aside, French and his homie Julius clearly have an interesting relationship, and it's evident that the love is real. "FAMILY REUNION WITH MY BABYYYY Julius," writes French, "our 5 year anniversary love u Caesar." Interesting that he essentially named his pet after the lead ape in Planet Of The Apes; foreshadowing to a darker time, perhaps. 

Check out the clip below, and sound f below. Is monkey ownership a bridge too far, or is it merely an essential component the eccentric rich man's guidebook?

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