Funk Flex Is Playing Pusha T's "Daytona" Tonight At 7pm "Front To Back"

Funkmaster Flex's weekday time slot is perfectly suited for slight detions in programming. After years putting on for the culture and helping forge the radio station's identity, Funk Flex can do as he pleases. It just so happens that tonight he wants to broadcast all Pusha T's album, "front to back." Mind you the album is only 7 songs deep, but it shows us just how much creative control has earned over time, and yes we can expect a few "bombs" on the set.

Funkmaster Flex's endorsement Pusha T is part his undying commitment to "bars" and "battle rap." Flex announced his decision on Twitter under the pretense two slogans: #BarsStillMatter & #SmokeStillMatters, two variables that need explanation. If Funk Flex is sworn to anything, it's the preservation those ideals. He'll blow the house down with everyone inside, if it comes down to it.

Daytona is available to the public at the stroke midnight, so in a sense Funk Flex is fering the very first listen for those not in Pusha T's legitimate circle. The album has been hyped for over two years, but  Pusha T true to form, hasn't yielded to public pressure. That being the case, we should expect an exemplar, and nothing less. Tune in at 7 P.M. on Hot 97 for dibs on the "premiere."

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