Future Fans Defending Rapper After Ciara’s "Red Table Talk" About Him

Yesterday, Ciara sat down with the matriarchs of the Smith family to discuss how she developed her "beauty marks." The term was used to describe how she's grown over the years, leaving behind toxic relationships and finding her true love with Russell Wilson. She spoke about how she would be crying in the shower and all over the place during her relationship with Future and when she romantically connected with Wilson, she finally felt a sense of calm pour over her soul. Fans have been digesting the interview for hours and after watching it, both sides have differing opinions. On one side, Ciara is being praised for speaking her truth and recognizing that she had to leave her ex to find true love. On the other hand, Future's fans are sticking up for him and forming a wall in front of the Freebandz General.

Future Fans Defending Rapper After Ciara's "Red Table Talk" About Him
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

It's not uncommon to see Future getting dragged across the internet after Ciara does, well, anything. People were rooting for Fewtch and CiCi to succeed but she turned out just fine without the Atlanta rapper, levelling all the way up to the highest-paid player in the NFL. While the majority of people are giving it up to Ciara for heading to a large platform like Red Table Talk to speak about her personal life, others are happy for Future that he ended up getting left in the dirt by his pop star partner. "I’m glad future left that toxic relationship," wrote one fan, while another remarked how Ciara couldn't even mention her ex by name.

If you watched the special episode of Red Table Talk, what did you think of the way Ciara addressed her break-up with Future?


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