Future & Tyga Face Interesting First-Week Sales Projections

Last Friday, both Future and Tyga added a project to their respective discographies. Big Future came through with the emotional EP Save Me, an enjoyable yet underdeveloped glimpse into his fractured psyche. T-Raww came through with the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, delivering Legendary, a sexually-charged romp lined with many-a summer banger. Today, the first-week sales projections have arrived, providing a deeper analysis into the current musical landscape. A landscape in which the hierarchy of power is all too often dictated by numbers on the board.

As per Hits Daily Double, Future's Save Me debuted at number five, racking in between 40,000 to 45,000 in total numbers, with 3,000-4,000 coming by way of pure physical copies. Considering the relatively short-notice with which Future announced his project, Save Me fared alright; it's honestly refreshing to see a superstar rapper avoid shoehorning in a previously successful, and often months-old single. 

On that note, not even "Taste" could steer Tyga into the upper echelon. Strange, considering he's been on a solid run of late, delivering a new summer anthem at every apparent turn. Sadly, admiration for the booty does not translate into sales, unless you're Sir Mix-A-Lot. T-Raww's Legendary is looking to move between 21,000-24,000 units, with 2,000-3,000 coming from physical copies. As it stands, Tyga is sitting comfortably in the 18th spot, a position that feels surprising given his oft-cited comeback.

Sadly, neither men could dethrone the combined forces of the Jonas Brothers, who moved a staggering 330-360k units. How do you think this changes the landscape, if at all?


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