Future’s Alleged Sixth Baby Mama Reveals Daughter’s Name & Shares Photos

A few weeks ago, Eliza Reign gave birth to her daughter, telling the world that she had finally arrived. The baby was the subject of much controversy when the social media star alleged that Future was her father. When the news got to the Atlanta hitmaker, he was none too pleased. Fewtch allegedly tried to coerce her to get an abortion before threatening her life, which effectively forced her to tell her story to prevent anything tragic happening to her or her baby. Now, the baby has been born and Eliza informed everybody of what she decided to name her newborn.

Reign Wilburn is being welcomed into the world with open arms by her mother. Eliza shared several photos of her baby girl today, showing her off to the world and revealing the name she decided to go with. It's a shocker that she picked Wilburn as the child's family name, especially considering she was debating that choice weeks ago. However, that decision makes her seem certain that the baby is indeed Future's, whether or not he wants to acknowledge it.

Reign looks adorable in the photos that have been staged to spell out the word "love." Are you surprised Eliza is using Future's last name for her daughter?


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