Future’s "Save Me" Delivers Another Dose Of Dark Emotion

It's only been a few months since Future dropped off The WIZRD in January, an album we enjoyed immensely over at HNHH. Yet Future didn't appear to be satisfied, and continued to tease new music in the aftermath. Some speculated that HNDRXX 2 was his next move, while others expected a sequel to What A Time To Be Alive. The theorizing was rampant, and while Future has always been prolific in nature, few expected him to strike so quickly. Yesterday, the man came through and announced Save Me, a seven-track EP led off by the emotional and thematically loaded "Xanax Damage." 

Future's "Save Me" Delivers Another Dose Of Dark Emotion

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Do the people want Future to be happy? Such a question is certainly up for debate; after all, some of his finest creations are melancholic in nature, including his noted opus Codeine Crazy. Off the bat, opener "Xanax Damage" strikes a similar chord, finding Future crooning his vulnerabilities over a finger-picked guitar instrumental. From that point onward, Save Me dives deeper into Future's headspace and his current emotional state. Were you looking forward to another drop from Big Future? Sound off with your first impressions below.


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