Fyre Festival's Billy McFarland Reflects On Disaster Left In His Wake

Like any good Fyre should, Billy McFarland's doomed festival left a trail destruction in its wake. Promising a tropical getaway worthy wealthy millennials and quote-unquote influencers, yet delivering something closer to the barren wastelands  Fallout 3 and/or 4, the Fyre Festival became one 2017's most hilarious bouts misfortune. And while those in attendance were left questioning every decision they had made up to that point, McFarland soon found himself facing some serious legal consequences. 

As revealed during the Festival's unraveling, the situation was mired in dubious activity from the jump. In March, McFarland pleaded guilty on two counts wire-fraud, as well as being arrested for running a fraudulent ticket selling ring. Yet something about the Fyre Festival mirrors that public carnage; as much as one wants to, it's difficult to look away. As such, an ficial documentary has been set to premiere on Hulu (2019), featuring an exclusive interview from McFarland himself. 

Part the eight hour interview has surfaced today, finding McFarland in a reflective state. "Before we had the worst luck, we had the best luck,” he says. “So many things had to go right to make Fyre this big a failure.” One wonders if he'll ever find it in his heart to laugh it f. Provided he dodges the pen. Though given his seeming inability to duck a life white collar crime, such a scenario seems as unlikely as a Fyre Festival do-over.

Some men just want to watch the world burn. 

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