G-Eazy Geeks Out After Meeting Jay-Z At NBA Finals

For rappers of a certain age, their idols can suddenly become their peers. Such was indeed a reality for G-Eazy, whose ascent throughout the rap game has left him rubbing shoulders with a variety of hip-hop icons. Yet few proved as impactful as a face to face with Jay-Z, the legendary emcee and GOAT favorite, which transpired courtside during Game Three of the NBA finals. Young Gerald took to Instagram to share the clip, allowing himself an endearing "fanboy" moment.

G-Eazy Geeks Out After Meeting Jay-Z At NBA Finals

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

The meeting itself transpired courtside, as Hov approaches G-Eazy, daps him up, bro-hugs him, and departs. G-Eazy appears visibly humbled, literally bowing in Hov's presence. In the accompanying caption, G-Eazy congratulates Hov on his recent milestone, which is to say becoming hip-hop's first billionaire. "Congrats on that billi!" writes G-Eazy. "Thank you for a lifetime of inspiration." He closes things out with a Goat emoji, in case you were unclear as to where his loyalties lie.

All things considered, it's a great moment of hip-hop unity. The fact that Hov can still leave rappers starstruck is a testament to his enduring legacy. Is there anyone quite like the Jigga Man?

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