G-Eazy & Ty Dolla $ign Get New Tattoos During 30th Birthday Rager

G-Eazy turned 30-years-old on May 24th and threw a sick party at a Malibu mansion that looked packed with over 100 people in attendance to celebrate the "No Limit" rapper. Aside from strippers, and G-Eazy's Stillhouse whiskey and bourbon set-up at the luxurious pad, there was also some tattoo work being done on G and his homie Ty Dolla $ign

The Blast got video footage of the inking ceremony where Gerald got work done on his right arm while Ty got inked on his ear. We can't say for sure what Gerald got for his born day but according to Ty's Instagram story upload, he got "sex symbol" marked in cursive writing.  

Gerald's 30th year around the sun will bring on new music since he previously detailed just a month ago how it will be dropping later this year. 

“I’m finishing up my new album and it’ll be dropping later this year," he said. "I’m in the final stages of recording and sequencing it. I’m going to start shooting the music videos soon. I’m so excited, it’s the best music I’ve ever made. And I think that I’ll always feel that way with whatever I’m making at that moment. But, I really feel that this time— something special is happening. I have this clarity in the studio and this level of inspiration and creativity that I haven’t felt before. It feels really good.”

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