"G.I. Joe" Silent Assassin Snake Eyes Will Be Getting His Own Spin-Off Movie

In a move that will surely excite retro action figure fans, Paramount Pictures has green lit production a spin f film for Snake Eyes, the popular ninja character from the G.I. Joe movie franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is still in extremely early production, but Evan Spiliotopoulos, the writer behind films such as Beauty & The Beast and The Huntsman: Winter's War is currently in talks to write the script. Snake Eyes will presumably be played by acrobatic actor, Ray Park, who donned the suit in both 2009's G.I. Joe: The Rise Cobra and 2013's G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Snake Eyes is a ninja who covers himself entirely in black and never speaks a word throughout either the films. His brother, Storm Shadow, is also a ninja, as well as his arch nemesis. The character first appeared as part the G.I. Joe action figure line back in the 1980's and quickly established himself as one the most popular characters in the franchise.

It's hard to imagine that the script will take too long to write, considering the fact that the main character the film literally never speaks, but who can say for sure. According to Coming Soon, the film is planned as part an upcoming cinematic extended universe between different Hasbro toy properties, including Micronauts, Visionaries, R.O.M.: Space Knight, and M.A.S.K. If you're too young to recognize any those names, you're not the only one, but we may all become familiar with all them soon enough.


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