"Game Of Thrones" Prequel Series Will Take Place Thousands Of Years Earlier

While fans HBO's dragon drama Game Thrones will be distraught when the series comes to an end, there's nothing to be worried about. While everybody pretty much knew that a new Game Thrones show wouldn't come too far behind the first, HBO has announced that it's ficially green lit a pilot for a spin-f series, with a surprising setting.

According to Variety, Jane Goldman, the writer behind films such as Kick-Ass and Kingsman, will be penning the script to the upcoming GOT project, which will reportedly be set thousands years before the events the current show. The series will reportedly showcase the world's descent from the "golden age heroes" to it's darkest hour.

The lore behind the world Game Thrones is vast, and there are any number events that a prequel series could visit, such as the origins the menacing "White Walkers" or the building "The Wall."

Goldman's pilot isn't the only Game Thrones series in the works, as there are currently four other writers penning their own ideas for spin-fs. None the current show's cast will be involved in any these projects, which will all consist prequels instead character spin-fs. 

While fans continue to speculate over the fates their favorite characters from the original series, they can feel assuaged to know that they'll soon have a fresh crop heroes to love in their place. Game Thrones season 8 is set to premiere in 2019.

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