"Game Of Thrones" & "Westworld" Not At Comic Con This Year

Game Thrones will not return to the small screen to air its final six episodes until 2019, leaving fans with a two-year itch in the meantime. 

HBO will be following in the footsteps  The Avengers' Kevin Feige in skipping out on this year's Comic Con in San Diego. Both Game Thrones and Westworld will not hold any panel discussion or put on a presentation for the hoards eager fans present during the three-day bonanza. 

The studio has released a statement detailing their decision to opt-out SDCC, citing typically bureaucratic reasons. "Due to production schedules and air dates for Game Thrones and Westworld, these series will not be presented at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. HBO has a longstanding relationship with SDCC, and we are very grateful for the fans’ enthusiastic response over the years. We look forward to returning in the future."

Hopefully the two series will return to San Diego next year and provide attendees and the press with some juicy spoilers for what's to come. 

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