Gents & Jawns – The Meaning EP

The former duo, now solo artist Gent & Jawns is ready to show the world his latest work. He previewed The Meaning in late 2017, and now the four track EP under the same name has dropped, and it is a trap and dubstep assault on the senses, released through the Monstercat label.

The title track ‘‘ is an atmospheric trap track, frenzied and feeling right on the edge going out control. This effect is created with the intense approach to the lyrics, yelling “THERE IS A MEANING” and an absolutely bonkers drop that will give you that inevitable sneer that a good trap track should.

Reconcile‘ features female vocals from Liz, and is quite a bit more laid back in its energy. The lyrics are sultry and fit better with this vibe. The second drop on this track is a nice progression, more evocative and emotional, bringing the track to a nice close.

Champion Sound‘ is a dubstep fering, featuring the simple and high pitched sounds says he has an affinity for. Created from a sample male vocals repeating the word “massive” over and over, I can see this track being mixed and remixed from the raw original.

The final track ‘Collecta‘ is hard to characterize, other than perhaps downright silly. The drop sounds like an elephant stepping on a thumbtack, and in the beat you can hear the slightest bit Jawns moombahton background creeping in. The track rounds out a very diverse EP, one that Gent & Jawns is eager to share.

In his recent AMA on , he revealed a very genuine interest in fans, answering every question and sharing how he ended up releasing on Monstercat. His approach to creating music is usually to start with a sample he likes and then build from there. He uses Ableton Live and goes into detail on exactly how he uses folders and processes to organize his music. Check out the full AMA linked above and listen to all The Meaning below!

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