Georgian Police Raids Major Club, Protesters Hold Massive Rave In Front Of Parliament

This week, police in Georgia raided and shut down the country's largest club. The club known as Bassiani, was renowned as one the great electronic music venues in the world. It was located in the city Tbilisi and ravers were immediately outraged, and enraged by the governmental action. Today they formed an absolutely massive protest against the action in one the coolest ways we have seen.

Tbilisi Nightclub Shut Down

If the government takes your place to party, then you might just have to bring the party to them instead. That is exactly what thousands protesters did in front the Georgian Parliament building. They blasted live music and danced in the streets as a form protest against the club's seizing. The owners Bassiani were also arrested in the raid.

One or, u/Vanilla_Face summed up the situation perfectly,

“For those who aren't familiar, Bassiani isn't just a random club. It's arguably the greatest dance music club in the world. It's a focal point for young people to mobilize for change in a country plagued by an authoritarian government. A progressive oasis in a highly conservative part the world that will sentence you to 20 years in prison for possession marijuana.”

While there is much more to come from this developing story we have to say the idea raving as protest is one the most original ideas we have seen. We will continue to bring you developments on this story as it unfolds. Check out a video the protest below.

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