Germany Citizens Counter Protest Extremist Far Right Rally By Blasting Techno And Chanting “Go Away, Nazis”

Political tensions on the world stage are nothing new. Many countries including America have faced the issue political divides. While much the news coverage around these tensions have focused on the extremes the political spectrums, there are still many people working together to focus on what unites us rather than divides.

In Germany, the political tensions are more pertinent for the population than almost anywhere else do the countries past history. The far-right extremists champion a movement which lives in infamy, that the Nazi party. The overwhelming majority the country is fighting back against this movement with everything they have – including Techno.

Weaponized Techno

Dance music has always been an accepting community where the most unlikely people can find common ties. It is only natural that it would be part the fight against a group extremists who want nothing more than to divide.

The Guardian reports that during a planned extreme right rally, that members the moderate and leftist political party organized a counter-protest. While the far right protestors chanted against Angela Merkel and the Germany government, they were met with jeers and cries from the counter-protest.

The counter-protestors also used an unlikely source to drown out the chants the protestors – techno. Utilizing massive speakers and pounding beats the extremists met their match. Looks like dance music once again has found an unlikely place in governmental protests. First, it was used against the Georgian government, and now to fight a terrifying resurgence Nazi ideals. Check out the video The Guardian below.

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