Getter Takes Us On A Journey Through Genres With New Single 'Colorblind'

The launch Shred Collective has given  producer Getter the platform to really show the world his vision for blending his influences. With his latest single ‘Colorblind,' he intricately weaves together unexpected puzzle pieces and creates a work art. The new tune allows fans to journey into Getter’s musical mind, packed with heavy bass, electronic-infused hip hop beats, thumping metal breaks, and angst-ridden vocals.

‘Colorblind' is an ID that has been played out by Getter since at least Tomorrowland last year and has had his fans in a tizzy. The best part about the behind the scenes this track is that people have been calling this song ‘Nutsack' instead ‘ID' as most all unknown tracks are called.

Check out this genre bending track below, and enjoy the absolutely bonkers production skills Getter.

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